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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  August 21, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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we may have to issue one on saturday. the private side of a public couple bob mcdonald admits he moved out of the family home a week before it started as he opened up about his marriage. peggy fox was in court for the testimony. and this was very personal today. >> reporter: extremely personal. and in fact, bob mcdonald, it looked difficult for him to be on the stand talking about the troubles with his marriage and with his wife. he talked about a letter he wrote her a number of years ago where he thought the marriage was over. but remember this plays into the defense strategy that if the two were not on speaking terms then they could not conspire together. >> what do you have to say about your marriage? >> i can't talk about it. y'all can come in and hear my testimony. >> is it tough to be up there? >> i'd rather be fishing. >> to support the defense claim that mcdonald's marriage was
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troubled a letter the governor sent to his wife on september 5th 2011 was shown in court. bob mcdonald explained it was a time he thought his marriage was over and it was his attempt to reconcile. he called her my soul mate and told her i made many mistakes in my life which i wish i could fix. i'm sorry for the times i haven't been there for you and have done things to hurt you. he said he would try to do better. but quote i am completely at a loss as to handle the fiery anger and hate from you that's become more and more frequent. the letter ends with quote, let me know if you want to talk softly, end quote. bob mcdonald says he never heard from his wife about the email. on the day it was written maureen had four contacts with johnny williams. the defense attorney asked today as we speak here, what's the state of your marriage, bob mcdonald said we don't communicate much. it's i think basically on hold. they are staying separately
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during the trial. when asked if he thought maureen had a physical relationship with johnny williams he said i don't believe so. he said he thought williams was giving maureen the emotional relationship she wasn't getting from him. about the shopping trip he said he had no idea $20,000 worth of clothing were bought for his wife and never saw or asked what was in the shopping bags and the 15,000-dollar gift williams gave to his daughter for her wedding reception mcdonald said he had the means to pay for it. but kaylyn wanted to pay herself and she accepted the money from williams. >> what would you like to say about your dad? >> i love my dad very much. >> reporter: and that was kaylyn right there. now they have gotten into the 50,000-dollar loan that johnny williams first gave to maureen. coming up at 6:00, i'll tell you what bob mcdonald says about that loan and why it wasn't paid back right away.
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peggy fox, jan, back to you. >> we'll have expert insight from white collar defense attorney mike shammel. there are dozens of missing children in our area. for the next hour and a half, you'll see pictures on the right side of your screen. they are the faces of those missing kids who need our help. our bring them home campaign is on our wusa 9 facebook page as well. there you'll find, we've had dozens of digital fliers with specific information on these children and you can help us help them by clicking share on those fliers. of course if you have any information on these missing children, please call the number on your screen. eight-year-old ralisha rod inspired our efforts to start this campaign. she disappeared from a homeless shelter earlier this year. her alleged abductor was found dead not long after. we talk to dc police today owe
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who tell us this is still an active investigation. but there are no new leads. , jan? on the eve of the second anniversary of one of the most disturbing unsolved murder mysteries in prince georges county investigators say they're in the best position to track the case. the murder of 17-year-old amber stanley. >> it's among the most frustrating and troubling unsolved murder mysteries in our region's recent history. a 17-year-old honor student with eyes toward harvard university. mysteriously assassinated in her own bed by a gunman. that burst into her kettering home after 10:00 p.m. and fleeing into the night without taking anything. >> we believe that we are in the best position we've been in in the two years of this investigation. we feel strongly that we're in the right direction. >> reporter: today prince georges county investigators cautiously offer clues into their thinking on this case.
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saying they don't believe the home on chartsy street in kettering was targeted but say that amber may not have been who the intruder was after. >> we haven't received information saying that amber stanley was a specific target. we have looked at, interviewed, spoking with 100 people. witnesses, persons that we wanted to speak with. some of them two and three times. and when you have to vet out that many interviews and that many leads it's pain stakingly slow. >> detectives don't have a specific suspect but that the focus of the investigation has narrowed substantially. two other people were at home at the time of the killing. including a foster child who was new to the family and who had a troubled background. two years after the crime at this house, investigators were choosing their words carefully, a sign they said of how close they maybe to solving this mystery and not wanting to spoil the case. at the same time, they were talking today for a reason.
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they hope renewed interest in this case on the anniversary may generate the tip they need to solve the crime. in kettering, prince georges county, scott broom, an accused pen from a church was indicted for sex trafficking a girl. allen who is also known as midas transported the girl and forced her into prostitution. detective say she was beaten multiple times and threatened to kill her if she talked to police. if convicted he faces life behind bars. you're fired. that's what the head of dc's fire department said he'd like to say to firefighters after they failed to help a dying man across from their northeast fire house back in january. instead a trial board handed out lesser punishments to some and let one off the hook entirely. aldebra alfarone joins us live
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from the fire house. >> reporter: we tried to talk to the family today. they put out a statement from their lawyer. but here's the fact, right over here in this parking lot, that's where 77-year-old medrick cecil mills laid dying. if you look behind me, show this way, this is where those five firefighters sat and did nothing. and today, seven months later we learned about the fate of three of those five firefighters and if head of dc's fire department says the whole thing is disappointing and outrageous. >> what do you say to mr. mill's family? >> i thought this was outrageous behavior by firefighters. and you know, i try to put myself in their place and i can't think of the words that i would be able to receive. >> a reprimand, a suspension without pay, and a not guilty. those are the punishments handed down for three firefighters who stayed inside engine 26 on a cold january
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evening while 77-year-old medrick cecil mills lie dying in a parking lot a few yards away. >> we have a high standard. and in the face of what occurred to just recommend suspensions for employees, not saying all of them, but some of them should have been facing termination. and in the end, they're not. >> reporter: but interim fire chief eugene jones' hands are tied. according to rules the trial board has the last say. the family of mills issue add statement saying they're quote deeply disappointed but not truly surprised by the secret trial board panels recommendations. secret being the keyword. mill's daughter marie, her lawyers and our cameras were kicked out during a meeting. the mills said this is what happens done in the dark with no transparency and when there's a jones couldn't agree more.
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>> what happened was something that i had never seen in my career. never heard of. >> reporter: and i'm sure no one wants to see or hear of anything like this happening again. about the two other firefighters, there was a lieutenant, that lieutenant actually retired before any disciplinary measured could be doled out. that's one thing. and he says she should have been terminated for her behavior. we're live in northeast dc, debra alfarone, wusa 9. and we're just getting started on wusa 9 news at 5:00, trending now, trash talking your ex on facebook. a new contract to keep things civil on social media after the break up. at this moment in time, there's not a severe thunderstorm warning. but this was a very thunderstorm. and this is nats park. raining there now. heavier activity to the west and north. heavier rain in cherry dale.
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we'll talk about where the storm is headed and the possibility of a yellow alert one day this upcoming weekend. also ahead, the deal that could have brought murder journalist james foley home alive. a day of rage planned for tonight in front of the white ho
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for the next hour and half you'll notice pictures on the right side of your screen. they're missing children. take a good look. if you have any information on them, help us bring them home. call the number on your screen. jan. right now demonstrators are planning a day of rage with protests outside the white house and in dozens of cities. the demonstrations are in response to the police killing of 18-year-old michael brown earlier this month in ferguson missouri. wusa 9 has a crew monitoring
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the events at the white house to bring you live reports at 7:00 and 11:00. marley hall is live from missouri calling for protesters in the case to step aside. >> you don't stop a person from going into a building. >> these protesters met resistance as they tried to deliver petitions calling for the removal of bob mcula from the michael brown case. after the brief confrontation, organizers were allowed to deliver the documents which they say contained 70,000 signatures. >> we know not going to step aside. to do so is to say that he's biased and that he can not be fair and impartial. and he's not going to say that. but we will. >> reporter: critics say they have no confidence in mcula who has family members on the police force. >> he has a history of showing bias. and we don't think that this case is going to get a fair trial. >> reporter: in a statement, mcula reiterated that he has no intention of walking away from
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his responsibilities. it's expected to take months before the grand jury decided whether or not officer darryn wilson should be charged for shooting the unarmed teen. many in ferguson say wednesday's visit by attorney general eric holder reassured them that justice will be served. >> long after this tragic story no longer receives this level of attention, the justice department will continue to stand with ferguson. >> reporter: the unrest triggered by brown's death seems to be calming down. last night's protests were smaller and there were a handful of arrests. marley hall, cbs news, clayton missouri. missouri governor jay nixon announced the national guard troops. before islamic militants executed journalist james foley they offered to release him in exchange for $132 million. federal policy prohibits
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negotiating with terrorists. including negotiating a ransom. they tried to rescue him during a raid in sierra. they engaged in a fire fight and found no hostages. this is a yellow alert day. now here's wusa 9's first alert weather. >> topper joins us now. what are you seeing? >> there's three storms but they're all heavy. one is headed for nats park. the good news, there's not a severe thunderstorm warning at this moment. the bad news is we're tracking a big thunderstorm. i guess we'll go outside and take a live look outside. the weather cam, it's cloudy downtown. showers moving in. 87 still. dew point still low. 66. not as low as it was yesterday. a little counter intuitive actually. winds out of the west/southwest at 6. so here's the big picture, here's the big picture over the past two hours, so we have these storms we've been tracking, one storm
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went through haggers town. that's weakening through westminster. more storms in the mountains. this batch will duck south of most of the metro area. but let's go ahead and zoom in a little bit. we have big storms in almost all of fairfax county is covered up by a monster storm. see the lightning strikes. i checked from hail, didn't see much hail with this. i think that's why there's no longer a severe thunderstorm warning. that's one of the criteria. either has to have hail an inch in diameter or winds 58 miles per hour or higher. so it's still a heavy storm. not to be taken lightly. and there's another big storm back again toward sterling and shantili. everything going southeast. we'll zoom in. the lightning strikes around fairfax. oldy highway getting hammered. blue oaks getting hammered as well. everything pushing off slowly to the south and east. it's going to be slow going. it's going to head toward nats park. i think the brunt of the storm will miss nats park but they're going to get some rain.
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where's it going? let's see. inhuntgton about 5:15, and then brandi wine at 5:51 as it moves off to the south and to the east. how much rain? pretty impressive once again. and this is not far off from the bull's eye yesterday which was on 66. but this is where the bull's eye is. from fairfax, shan tilly and hey market. an inch to 2.5 inches either side of shan tilly and northwest of fairfax. and rainfall rates well over an inch per hour. so yellow alert through tomorrow. a few storms early tonight. some of those could be heavy. morning commute will be dry on friday. we're not concerned so much about the morning commute. but it's the afternoon and evening commute could be wet and stormy. for some. not for everyone. but for some, a yellow alert again tomorrow. here's your future cast. 5:00 in the morning, a couple
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showers. i don't buy that. more clouds than anything. kind of muggy. temperatures 69 to 74. by 8:00, clouds in the upper 60s and mid 70s downtown. 9:30, temperatures in the 70s. by 4:00, we see showers and storms developing. i wouldn't get hiccup -- hung up on where these are. another round of showers and storms will roll through. future cast is showing some to the southeast of town. in prince georges county and maybe a storm southeastern loudon county. 8:00 tomorrow night, showers down to the southeast. that i'll buy. i think if you try to do something tomorrow night, if you wait until 8:00 you'll be able to do it west of 95 and the northern and western suburbs. a dry start tomorrow. in the 70s, muggy. 82 by 7:00. we may have to make saturday a yellow alert too.
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storms on saturday, 82. nice on sunday. if you had to pick one weekend day, pick that one, that's the good one. i think it will be okay though for the ravens game. temperatures in the 70s. and monday night, tuesday warmer, and warmer on wednesday and thursday, but not too bad, maybe a shower late on thursday. thanks topper. straight ahead a love triangle turns deadly in maryland. plus what's behind the miraculous recovery of the two american missionaries sickened by the ebola virus. and as we head into break, let's take a look at gas prices that can be driving you crazy. in buoy, you can get a great deal at 7110 crane highway. fill up for 3.36 a gallon. on the higher end it will cost
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. for the next hour and a half you'll notice photos on the right side of your screen. and they're children that are missing from our area. take a very good look. if you've got any information on where they could be, help us bring them home. call the number on your screen. a woman in laurel watches her boyfriend die in her arms shot point blank she says by her jealous ex-husband.
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it happened last night in front of kathy mindiola's home. she says her ex confronted her and her boyfriend robert cop and then shot and killed him. >> i got in between them to stop it. and my ex-husband took a step back, pulled out the gun and shot him. >> kathy tells us she held howard as he took his last breath. >> robert ran into a nearby shed and shot himself but he survived. at last check he was in serious condition. police charged him with murder. kathy says she took out a protective order against her ex last month but he ignored it and often showed up at her job. two american missionaries near death. their bodies wracked by the virus ebola. but tonight both have been declared virus-free. >> today is a miraculous day. i am thrilled to be alive.
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to be well. and to be reunited with my family. >> that is dr. kent brantly who contracted ebola while helping patients in liberia. he and fellow aid worker nancy writebol were given an experimental serum and treated at emery university hospital in atlanta. writebol was released on tuesday and she asked that that remain private. but today brantly thanked all of those who helped them both recover. and he asked for the public to pray for those in west africa where the ebola out break killed more than 1300 people. jan? lesli, earlier we told you about the personal nature of the mcdonald corruption trial. we learned that the mcdonald's were not living together. right now, during the trial, the couple considers their marriage on hold. joining us now is white collar criminal defense attorney, mark shammel. he's successfully defended clients in similar cases. we'll back. we keep hearing about this
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narrative and the fine line with keeping with the defensive narrative that he didn't know what his wife was doing. but he can't throw his wife under the bus. how did he do today? >> a couple things i heard he said concerned me for cross- examination. i think that's -- it's too early. you can't judge his performance in direct examination. that's like giving a speak. >> what concerns you. >> all these things about his wife. the staff has to tell her to not accept an oscar delorenta dress. if i'm cross examining him, why weren't you paying closer attention to the finances ? i think it begs questions that are hard to answer. >> all he needs is one empathetic juror. one husband who says i pathize with you because my wife and i have a similar situation or something to that
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line. is that something that will play into this at all. >> juries are a funny thing. people are a funny thing. making generalizations is a bad idea with juries. you may think maybe a man would agree with that as you say. but i think you're just as likely to see a woman say i know somebody who's like that or my sister's like that. i think generalization is a bad idto the jurors and get the whole story out. and try to follow and see who's with you and talk to that juror. >> today we learned that he moved out of his house a week before trial began and is now living in a church rectory. why that particular -- why was he going to relate that to the jury. >> it's a sideways way to get in a little more character testimony. he had some priests come in yesterday and talk about what a great guy he was. his reputation in the community. and now he's staying at the rectory. he's playing up as catholicism i think and his faith. i think if it wasn't a trial, he moves out and moves in with his sister. >> mark, good to see you,
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lesli. a new warning tonight, dan, about pregnant women and fish. we'll tell you all about it in our health alert. and trending now, keeping it civil on social media after the relationship ends. how squatters took over a condo. and the surprise ending this fisherman never saw coming. wusa 9's bring them home campaign is more than just tv. it's the next generation of news.
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at perdue, we pride ourselves on the freshness of our chicken. well, not that kind of fresh. but i can guarantee the freshness of our chicken because we go beyond what the usda requires... with extra inspections in american family owned farms, refrigerated trucks that deliver daily and everywhere in between. that's what it takes to bring your family a fresh tasting chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken.
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this is a yellow alert day. now here's wusa 9's first alert weather. we're tracking heavy showers and thunderstorms at this moment. there's not a severe thunderstorm warning in the area. but heavy thunderstorms through fairfax county and back building into loudon county. and one that's crossed over from frederick county into montgomery county. very heavy rains. i don't see hail any longer. but heavy rain, fairfax, old town, and now heavy ranger man town in southwestern sections of frederick county. and this will cross over 270. so if you're going up 270 in the next half hour get ready for heavy rain. we'll zoom in. lots of lightning strikes around birk, old kean mill, the red is rainfall over an inch per hour. moderate rain over toward fran
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franconia. we'll talk about when the next round will develop again. would you sign social media prenup. 80% of divorcing couples site social media as a reason for their break up. they're like honey, honey, honey, can we talk? can we talk? can we talk? apparently not. that's why attorneys are now preparing prenuptial social media agreements. what's in one of these things? >> a definition of what you and your spouse agree is allowed. it could be no posts about me unless i give you permission. it covers video, photos and comments. it doesn't matter if they're true or not. and specific dates. it could be in effect while you're married or only if you get divorced. and costs for violations. >> wow. that's intense. it makes a little bit of sense. >> i think it makes perfect sense. >> if you're concerned as a job candidate and somebody looks on social media and they see stuff
5:32 pm
about you that's not flattering. >> and there's nothing like a scorned lover. here's family attorney rebecca writer on why the social media prenup makes sense. >> you're going to catch something that you don't or yourself doesn't in the heat of anger and revenge and being upset, post something that you're going to regret later or that's going to cost you later. >> that's somebody counting their money. they just got divorced. >> apparently there's a prenup for everything now. people around you see and across the country are taking advantage of air b and b to make a few bucks renting out their places. >> but a woman in california is back at her condo after air b and b renters would not leave. cory rented her place out for more than 30 days. finding a loophole in california law the guys legally
5:33 pm
stayed claiming squatters rights but after the story went viral. camera crews showed up. the brothers not wanting that attention took off. >> i don't know if people could understand it but i feel like there's a feeling of violation. being violated. i don't want to have anything to do with the way this place is now. i'll change everything out if i'm going to keep it and continue renting it. >> luckily the squatters did not steal anything. and they left the place in pretty good shape. which she's very fortunate about that. a lot of times they do not. >> who does that? >> california has a bunch of different laws. >> who does that. who moves into somebody's place and says i'm not going. >> i know somebody this happened to in california. and they could not get them out. it took three months to get them out. it happens. >> they needed some back up apparently. >> who better than the als association to take the ice bucket challenge. members got together at the nasdaq market site in time square this morning. it was cold wasn't it?
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it was cold. to celebrate the record amount of donations. on tuesday alone the als association received $8.6 million, jan. since july 29th, it's raised $31.5 million. so when people ask about why people are doing this? they're doing it to raise money. they're doing it for a great cause. >> we need to find something for a lot of the different organizations. here's something we've never seen before. a florida man fishing off the coast into the gulf of mexico snags a black tip shark. as he tries to reel in the catch though, check it out. he's bringing it in, bringing it in. and then oh. >> oh my goodness. >> a grouper comes in out of nowhere and just swallows that shark in one bite. >> don't linger long or you might lose it. that was quick. >> you don't want to fall in that water. >> it's called seizing an opportunity, right? >> how about a happier marine
5:35 pm
life story. watch this beluga whale scare these kids at an aquarium in connecticut. back away. luckily there was some glass between them. >> that's hilarious. [ laughter ] >> that's awesome. >> he's enjoying it. the whale. >> i know. i know. playing with them. that's great. that's great. that's cute. all right. so they are taking up arms but not in self defense. coming up, why guns are more popular than gardening with this group of women. but first, coming up next. >> a new warning for pregnant
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. in tonight's health alert, a major clinical trial could change the way doctors treat depression. a study finds a combination of cognitive therapy and antidepressant medication is most effective in treating depression. more likely to recover when treated with that combined approachcompared to those who
5:39 pm
only took antidepressants. obesity raises the risk of dementia. researchers studied the records of thousands of obese hospital patients and for people living in their 30s the risk of developing dementia was more than three times higher than for people of a normal weight. the risk was lower for patients who became obese later in life. in june the federal government put out recommendations telling americans to eat more fish because of the health benefits. >> but a new analysis from consumer reports says pregnant women should avoid one of the most popular types of fish, tuna. >> she changed her diet. >> i gave up caffeine. >> the food and drug administration recommends pregnant women eat 12-ounces of fish per week.
5:40 pm
but consumer reports did its own analysis and they're telling pregnant women to avoid tuna completely. >> tuna can have some very high mercury levels. >> reporter: consumer report says the problem is that mercury levels in canned tuna can vary. so you don't know what you're getting. most tuna is safe. but the fda's own research found that 20% of cans tested actually had high levels of mercury. the fda is standing by its recommendations and tells cbs news the consumer reports analysis is limited and that it focuses exclusively on the mercury levels in fish without considering the known positive nutritional benefits attributed to fish. consumer report says there are plenty of fish besides tuna that are better options for pregnant women. >> choose low mercury fish. >> including wild salmon, shrimp, sardines, tilapia, and scallops. these fish can give pregnant women the health benefits
5:41 pm
without the risks. jericka duncan, cbs news, new york. >> chunk light canned tuna has less mercury than the albacore canned tuna. >> seven-month-old josie sufficientlies from infantile spasms. medical marijuana isn't legal in tennessee. >> use the oil from the plant. not to smoke the plant or pervert it. to use the oil from the plant that god made, something the wrong with that? >> we want to see her crawl. we want to see her talk. and at this point, staying in tennessee, we can't see that. that will never happen. >> tennessee officials are currently testing the health effects of cannabis. well you could consider them modern day annie oaklies. coming up e meet a group of women that love the smell of gun powder over the scent of a
5:42 pm
freshly cut golf course. coming up, find out how you can have a seat without a chair. this contraption, you have just got to see. join us on wusa 9 as we work to bring home every child in the washin
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in tonight's call for action, heads up, a recall and a warning about your personal information. first giant is recalling arrowhead mills and miranda almond and peanut butters because of potential salmonella contamination. the use by date on the 16-ounce jars are from december 2014 to june 2015. if you have this at home, toss it. bring your receipt to giant, and you'll get a full refund. and if you ship the package using ups, there's a chance you might have been hacked or at least your personal information might. ups says its customers personal and credit card information was stolen after a computer breech in 51 of its stores the company will offer you id protection or credit monitoring. if they think you've been effected. now, if you've got a consumer problem, we want to help you solve it. contact our wusa 9 call for action team. file a complaint online on our
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website, click on the call for action link. or call our hot line at 301- 652-help. finally a possible answer for all of you on your feet all day. you guys have to see this. this is a chairless chair. it's made by a company in switzerland. that wasn't it. you'll wear it on your legs like an exoskeleton. when you're ready to sit, you push a button and it locks into place. i hope i can show it to you. the device never touches the ground. you can walk or even run while you are wearing it. what? >> what? >> i don't get it. later this year bmw and audi start testing the chairless chair in their vehicles. i just i'm trying to understand. >> don't give us any ideas about giving us a chairless chair. we need a chair. >> i don't know. i can't wrap my head around that. >> can you imagine coming to the set and sitting in a chairless chair. >> well, i have done that
5:47 pm
before. when a chair was not here. >> you popped a squat. >> i think i remember him doing that. it was such an elegant squat too. we wondered if he was going to fall. >> my quads are strong. >> i can't understand that. it never touches the ground and it alleviates tension. and it supports you at the same time. >> i'd try it. >> good news no severe thunderstorm warnings right now. bad news we're tracking heavy thunderstorms about four of them actually. let's start with a live look outside. our live weather cam. and we have showers in part of the northwest. and it's raining hard in parts of the southern part of the district. 84 right now. winds out of the west at 9. and look at the dew points, 70. that's more likely. that's what we would expect as we're getting showers and thunderstorms. that's humid air. okay, big picture, radar over the past two hours, we've been tracking this storm for about two hours. but look at the other couple storms. they're popped up. another one on the heals of
5:48 pm
that storm that's built back into much of loudon county. and another one kind of split off in parts of loudon county. and a third one up into northern montgomery county and this is the fourth we've been tracking for the past couple hours. no warnings right now. but lots and lots of heavy rain. okay. rainfall rates over an inch per hour. all the areas that are red. slow going between franconia and newington. and it will let up as you head toward wood bridge and fredericksburg. in the mean time this storm is headed southeast. get ready in bolton, heavy rain on your doorstep at 5:53 and in pine field at about 6:12. heavy storm over chantilly. going out 50 you'll get hammered. and going out 7 you'll get hammered past great falls and cross over the line into loudon county and sterling; big time
5:49 pm
rain. nothing severe. but big time rain. now move north, this storm developed in the past 45 minutes or so. it's on the west side of 270. and it extends up into frederick county around tuskarora and german town. slow going once you get passed the spur. gettysburg, 5:53 on the storm tracker. colesville at 6:23. it will get there at 6:28. rainfall rates again, one inch per hour. yellow alert through friday. no real surprise there. a few storms tonight could be heavy. the morning commute tomorrow will be dry. and then tomorrow in the evening and tomorrow afternoon, okay. some of the commutes could be wet and some could be stormy. not for everyone. but for some. thus the yellow alert. so early in the morning, sick o'clock on friday on the future cast, temperatures in the 70s. muggy but dry. 8:00 we're dry. 9:30 we're in the 70s and dry. by 4:00, here come the shows
5:50 pm
and storms again. don't get too hung up on the position. just realize showers and storms will develop tomorrow between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. a muggy start. temperatures in the 70s to start on the day planner, 80 at 11:00. and 84 at 1:00. but dry through the early afternoon hours. next three days, yellow alert tomorrow, scattered storms. some storms on saturday. 82. gorgeous on sunday, temperature will hold in the low 80s with sunshine. next seven days, monday we're in good shape, tuesday we're in good shape. back in the 80s. wednesday warmer. almost hot on thursday. slight chance of a shower and temperatures near 90. should be okay for the game up in baltimore on saturday night. early shower possible game time temperatures in the 70s. >> thank topper. target shooting is not just for the guys any more. figures showed in the last decade the number of women who target shoot has shot up 70% to more than 6 million. women who hunt increased by
5:51 pm
43% to more than 3 million many maybe surprised given the call for tougher gun laws in the country. >> it's not for everybody at jan crawford found out. but one group of women said cracking off a few rounds is more fun than golf. >> annete mueller first picked up a gun at age 55. >> shooting sports is my passion. >> what is it about it that you find so, you know, exciting? >> you're outdoors, you blow up clays. whenever you see a target explode like fire works, there's nothing better. >> on this day mueller is shooting with nearly two dozen women, split up in groups of four. on her team, rebecca peters, whose family legacy is expert marksmanship. she's a fourth generation competitive shooter. >> you're thinking hard about what you're doing, execute and you see results quickly. i think it's instantly gratifying and if you're taking someone new and they see that, that's when it happens and you
5:52 pm
get really hooked. >> reporter: today's event is organized by the magazine garden and guns. hosting two of these a year. rebecca darwin is ceo. she's also a shooter. southeast it's >> our readers want more and more and more. >> challenge and the thrill come from trying to hit a four inch clay flying through the sky. >> yeah right in the center. >> reporter: everyone here agrees the sport can be intimidating. especially for a woman that's never held a gun much less shot one. >> i've taken them out. and they're so afraid to shoot that gun for fear. and it's just lack of education and understanding. i've had them literally almost in tears until they shot it. then they shot it and you could see their face light up. >> reporter: of course anything involving guns sparks heated debate. these women argue that education is critical for responsible ownership.
5:53 pm
they also want to share their positive experience with guns. conley has been shooting with her mother since she was a little girl. both women received guns from their fathers. conley, several years ago for christmas. >> i started crying. i think i started crying when i opened it up. it was like my dad giving me a permanent present or a permanent invitation to come join him hunting. and that has been true since i got that gun. >> i would like more of that image to be what takes the place of the images people have when they think guns. it's just enjoyable. and it might be out of some people's comfort zone. but i would encourage them to try it. >> and that was jan crawford reporting. for these women, target shooting is completely removed from handguns and gun violence. they see their sport as a great american past time and many hope their daughters and granddaughters will pick up the sport.
5:54 pm
it appears things are calming down in ferguson missouri after the shooting of an unarmed team. find out where some in the district plan to meet and demand justice for michael brown. but coming up next, president obama gave the green light to rescue american hostages in sierra.
5:55 pm
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problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking breo. ask your doctor about b-r-e-o for copd. first prescription free at . the pentagon says u.s. special operations forces tried to rescue american hostages in
5:57 pm
a failed raid in sierra this summer. >> craig boswell reports the reflation came after the islamic terrorist isis group killed foley and posted a video of the execution online. reporter: earlier this summer president obama authorize add special operations forces mission to rescue american hostages in sierra, including 40-year-old photo journalist james foley. but they came up empty. black hawk helicopters dropped commandos. no hostages were found. >> they know that we may make an attempt to go after hostages so they will better protect them. >> the obama administration revealed the mission a day after militants posted a video of foley's beheading. president obama promised justice for foley they launch strikes against isis targets in northern iraq. >> the united states of america
5:58 pm
will do what we must do to protect our people. we will be vigilant and relentless. >> there's growing concern in the intelligence community isis may attempt attacks in the u.s. >> over the long-term i worry this group could present a 9/11 style threat. >> mike morell says directly targeting the group's leadership maybe the best way to address the threat. craig boswell, cbs new, the white house. weighing the request for 300 troops to protect u.s. personnel and facilities in and around baghdad. he says he was in charge of the finances. so then why did bob mcdonald not have his wife return that 50,000-dollar loan to johnny williams? i'm peggy fox, coming up i'll tell you what he said on the stand. 75 years ago today a protest at this library the lunch counter sit ins of the
5:59 pm
civil rights era and the struggles in ferguson today. but mayor jania paraded in the corruption trial against mcdonald. >> in day two of the testimony. he painted a bleak picture of his marriage and mounting money problems. joining us more with what went on in court today, peggy? >> reporter: it was obviously a difficult day on the stand for bob mcdonald highlighting the troubles with his marriage and the problems he had communicating with maureen mcdonald. in fact, when he was shown the time that she talked to johnny williams in text and phone calls and he said that hurt him when he found out she was talking to him more than him at one point. he also answered a lot of questions about all those gifts and loans he received. going back to the golf clubs that rereceived. vacation stays. and the ride in that ferrari.
6:00 pm
he really had the same answer for why he accepted all those gifts and that was well, number one, it was legal. and he new he wasn't doing anything specific or official for star. but that all those gifts gave him time with his family. so he accepted all of them. you know, and then the 15,000- dollar catering gift that johnny williams gave to his daughter kaylyn came up and he said you know, kaylyn wanted to pay for her wedding herself like my wife and i did. and even though bob mcdonald said that he all ready paid down some of the wedding costs, that he was perfectly capable of spending the money and paying that $15,000, he let kaylyn pay it and use the gift that she received from johnny williams. once again he said it wasn't illegal. and he was doing nothing for star. and that 50,000-dollar loan that johnny williams gave to maureen, he said he new


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